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Auto Body Paint

   You may have noticed that paint colors fade under the hot Texas sun. That's no reason to trade in your vehicle. A new paint job could help you fall in love with your car again and save you some money, especially if the car is running fine. So what causes paint to fade or peel? 


   Some cars, especially older models, had only a thin layer of paint to begin their life. This was to save costs for the automaker. To compound the problem, they may not have had a clear coat applied or the protective coating has worn off under the elements and harsh detergents. Never wash your car with dishwashing detergent. 

We can restore the luster to your vehicle. Some bargain paint shops offer a super low price but use inferior paints or nickel and dime you to get a completed paint job. Our auto body paint shop uses high quality paints and we guarantee our paint won't peel. 


   Whether you want to touch up paint on your bumper or an entire auto body and paint project, Austin Auto Refurbishing can provide superior auto body paint repair.

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